We spend our working day often seeing an environment from a different viewpoint to that of our customers.

In a restaurant the servers are on their feet, yet the customers are predominantly seated. In a hotel the customers sleep in beds but the staff never do. There are countless other examples I could bring to note here but the subject remains constant. The customer is always seeing your business from a different perspective to the one you often see.

So in order to spot any faults, or ways in which the service could be improved you need to habitually have your managers sleep in the hotel beds, sit at the restaurant tables, use the service as a customer does. Only then will you spot the faulty lampshades, the dirty picture frames, the lengthy call queues when a customer rings your reception.

Very often it is these small things which are noticed by the customer but never discussed. The customer will simply mark your product down in their minds as not quite up to scratch.

So be a customer yourself on a regular basis and spot things you can correct before the paying client does.