If you really want to give the best customer experience you can, then the crew delivering that exceptional service need to be empowered and confident.
That comes by having the tools, support and training behind them first. They should be never in a position where they feel under resourced, nor worrying about a competitor or what time their shift finishes.

This attitude comes when they really believe and understand the benefits of great service and the product they represent.

Instill confidence and the wow factor follows.


I have written about first impressions already in this blog.
What still amazes me is how often I see companies getting it wrong. It is rarely done intentionally, it's just that their focus is too narrow.

Impressing customers is only half the job, it's your own staff you need to impress too. Staff talk about their place of work to others - and you really need to have them sell their company well, keep them glowing about the procedures and culture as coming from them the praise has added impact. Even job applicants need to get a glimpse of how fantastic your company is - those that do'nt get through still walk away singing your praises. Make sure your interview process is the best it can be.

Keep the company and your wonderful employees in a good light!