A recent post here highlighted WHY we care about customer service. I have since been asked about the how, and when.
In short the answer to both how and when is the same. The desire for superior customer service comes from the heart, it is a genuine feeling that you want to help another soul have a great time. You want to make someones day better or easier. A service superstar gives great service from the heart,it comes from a good place- because they know that the love and care they give, comes back to them a hundred fold more powerful in return.
So dont delay about when you will start, or how you can implement good service strategies, start now and lead by example, the rest will grow around your steps you take.


If your intention is to have a motivated and customer focused superstar team, then be careful what is lying around in the staff rest rooms or canteens.
The typical newspaper and popular magazine will be filled with negative gossip type content and encourage feelings of envy, scorn and other judgemental feelings in the reader. These are the opposite of the kind of mindset you would be needing in a team of caring service providers.
Ban the trashy gossip from your workplace, it may be censorship of a kind, I say so what- get over it. If you dont, then your training efforts are going to waste.