The idea of having a creche at the workplace is nothing new, many big corporations and some big retailers have been running them for employees and customers for years.

The problem is that most people in employment are in medium sized or small businesses. These employers nearly always recoil with horror when faced with the cost of having such a care facility for their employees. They may like the idea, but rarely implement one because of cost.

This attitude needs to change, for it is the mothers and care givers of this world we live in who are nurturing our next generation. These people are already proven in their ability to love, and care and think of someone else first, and not themselves. Are these not the same qualities we would love to show to our customers?
Think about it. Think too about how you could make it possible to have a child caring facility in your workplace - when the will is strong enough.... the way shows itself.
Who sets your standards - your industry, your ego or your customers?- Harry Beckwith


If you are running a service based industry, such as hospitality or retail, then somewhere online there is a web based review site waiting for your customers to post an online critical appraisal on you.

That could be a good thing. Mainly because you want to hear about how they feel in order to gauge what is important to them. You also will need to see how your competition is being talked about, be it good or bad.
In short - these online reviews can be used as just another tool for you to use in constantly improving. With the pursuit of excellence at your central focus, these reviews should be both observed and used in your decision making.