There is a well known phrase about the one bad apple which starts to spoil, and thereby ruins the whole barrel of good apples.

The same is true in the service industry. If you have one stale employee, they can undo so much of the good work done by others that you may as well have no good staff at all.

You need to weed out the stale ones and improve them or move them.

" One hundred minus one can't be ninety-nine in the hotel business. It may be zero. If one employee out of hundreds gives a bad impression to a certain customer, it will be one hundred percent damage for our hotel image for that customer" - Ichiro Inumaru - President Imperial Hotel Japan.


Through our daily commitments we often have a little turbulence. Be it from the boss, or a family argument or just staff giving us a hard time.

Whatever the cause, we do need to keep our minds in a good place. That way we are resilient enough to keep our core values intact no matter what the day throws our way.

I keep a string of wise quotes in my diary to inspire me, which spring open each time I use it. On the front page I also have in bold print a few trigger words to jolt me into the correct attitude. My words are simply :- Integrity, honesty, kindness, and character.

Find your own inspiration of course and use these to just act like a frequent push button method of keeping your mind and outlook on track through the day.

" Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you. "
Heather Williams


Behind all great service lies the mindset of giving. True service in any form is merely kindness and empathy to your fellows.
By wanting to give out your hand to make their day better, or by wanting to make someones life a little easier - we not only make the world a better place, but we also nourish our own spiritual being.

I do not know of a better way to spend my day than by following this tenet. Give a little to someone else today and see how your own life starts to change for the better.
" We shall serve for the joy of serving. Prosperity shall flow to us and through us in unending streams of plenty. "
Charles Fillmore. 1854 - 1948