People love being in a place which has energy and vitality.
The way to pump up your workplace is by setting an example, if you really LOVE being at work and can duplicate that enthusiasm in colleagues then you are half way there.

I say half way because it takes more to KEEP that energy on a long term basis.

Take a look at the fish market guys at the famous Pike Place, Seattle. Now, selling fish is not the most glamourous way to earn a living but these guys go over and above the norm, to make every visitor love being there as much as they do. Look it up on video and watch their energy at work, then try and do the same at your venue. Imagine how our world would be if a few more places were like Pike Place Fish Market!


One common theme shouts at me every time I work with large corporations being run by a Head Office or a Head Quarters.

They invariably have taken every bit of control (down to the tiniest detail) away from the frontline operatives.
The head office mentality is often along the lines of "we know best, we are the experts and we are in control".

Truth is, the experts are the ones at the business end of customer service, the workers often know more, and also are more astute at knowing what is needed in the business than many of the executives taking a wage at head office.

These office types at HQ should be as a support mechanism for the frontline staff, and running around looking after their needs to keep the customers happy, not the other way around.

So if you are one of these head office types, do your company a favour and turn it all upside down with HQ at the bottom and the customer service operatives at the top, being supported by everyone else. There is often the risk that Head Office becomes too detached from the core business and are too focused on spreadsheets and searching for their next bonus.

If you want growth and customer satisfaction, then customers should be the ones in control, not head office.


In this age of multiple distractions, it has become all too common to try and multitask.
However, if you are actively serving a customer or in conversation with them, please remember to make them your sole focus of attention.
Do not feel that you need to answer that phone ringing, read that text which just bleeped or respond to somebody else calling your name.
The customer expects your focus and assistance and rightly so. To try and multitask in front of them is very rude and will be rewarded with their money being spent elsewhere.

The same story applies when it comes to managers talking to employees, make the employee feel important by listening to them properly. Do not read memos in front of them whilst they are trying to talk to you or any other task! To do so only says to them that they are not important and not worthy of your attention. That is a fast way to lose your team.