By showing your job applicant that their job is of great worth to the business, you are setting up an amicable and long term relationship which will show dividends and benefits later on. This is the most important time to get the process right, and it is imperative to do all you can at this early stage to make the applicant welcome, and to feel of value.
Too often I see this process rushed through and carried out by junior team members. The recruitment process should be considered by everyone as of great importance. Ideally a General Manager or Director should be present for part of the process to underline your opinion that this process is important.

Too often the simple act of offering interviewees some basic hospitality is overlooked by companies, or they have not even bothered to read an applicants CV properly before the interview. Instead of being properly welcomed, they are dumped in a corner and told to fill out a form, and then kept waiting for ages.

Get it right and the business will grow.