Imagine a scenario where the top students of any academy are beating a path to join your business. A scenario where the reputation you have of being such a caring nurturing corporation, has spread far and wide.

As a result the top young achievers recognise a worthy and fulfilling career path helping your business to succeed. The best students are seeking to come and work with you as they recognise the efforts you make in striving to be the best in your field of service. If you think this is far fetched or stretching the imagination, then ask yourself why.

It is possible and it should be happening. Giving great service is an art and one that is lacking in today's short term focused corporate world. By being the best and letting customers tell everyone else that you are the best only carries forth into the marketplace that you are innovative and a leader in your business field. Before too long the fact that you are attracting the top new talents to come and work with you directly from colleges will only strengthen your calibre of staff further and propel the business to ever greater heights.

All it takes is the vision and the will to make it so.


It is quite simple when you analyse it.

When you have happy employees then they make your customers happy by readily giving superior service. The happy customers in turn do not go anywhere else and tell others about you thereby increasing the business and profits.

So ask yourself how you can start to make your staff happy and begin the process of making your business great. Better still ask them for ideas. You may be surprised by the answers but I am willing to bet your business will grow as a result.
Ensure that this new philosophy is directly connected to everthing you do and write within the business and soon your employees will be worthy champions of great service.