It is so important to furbish the reception or front desk with a serious investment in talent, training, decor and salary. So often I have seen that the lowest paid and most inexperienced staff are placed on the front desk or answering the telephones.

Big mistake, as this area is the first and last place a customer or visitor passes through. If their impression is not a great one as they encounter the reception area, all the other efforts through the business are struggling then to win over that customer.
Again, recruit and reward the best talent on the front desk area.


Struggling with accountants budgetary restrictions is a common if not daily obstacle for many managers.
Sometimes new ideas or department needs are obviously in need of funds but the purse strings are shut tight.
The answer is to explain your case from a customer service angle. Pitch the needs of the funding around if customers - and therefore the whole business needs what you are after, that way you can usually win the argument and avoid the usual tug of war scenario between service providers and the accounts office.