There are times when some bright spark at head office will come up with an idea or theme or gimmick to attract attention. It may be a PR trick to grab some fleeting press coverage or a dressing up day for the staff.

Sometimes this can involve telling the staff to dress in pantomime clothing or a costume of some sort to fit the selected theme.

The trouble arises when this theme is not wholly accepted by all the staff and therefore they do not wish to dress for the day as a chicken or in a pirate costume or whatever.
By forcing them to go along with the mandatory dress code, you can not only affront their dignity, but alienate them from your company for a long time .

Allow your staff the choice, and do not forcefully take away their dignity for the sake of some percieved gain in publicity or sales.
The same applies to uniforms - make sure staff can keep their dignity intact and feel comfortable wearing it.