Yesterday I went to my local shopping mall for a cell phone accessory and saw three telco staff not serving anyone. I browsed their shelves for a few minutes before I turned to interrupt the staff playing on their Ipads. Apparently the item wanted was sold out but they had other colours, no I said I wanted black. "Black is the most popular colour we sell"

"We may have some more in a month" I was told, with no apology attached. I thought, OK so you know it's the most popular but you dont have enough, so should'nt you maybe foresee this situation? I drove home, went online and purchased two of what I wanted for half the price in the space of a few minutes. My lesson learned there is that next time I wont bother with the traditional retail, and go straight online to spend my money. If that kind of customer experience persists how many retailers are going to be out of work in the future, and can you blame the spread of the internet - or is some blame to be attached to the shortcomings of the retail staff themselves?